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  • Adam Brem | President of Rhino Flooring of St.Marys

    The Rhino Business is a family business for the Brem Family. My interest in Rhino products began when I was in high school and my father, Randy Brem, purchased Rhino Linings of St. Marys. I would see how happy the Truck Owners were with their Rhino lined truck beds and the quality of the Rhino product.
    After graduating college with a degree in landscape design, I moved to Tucson, Arizona where I began my own career with Rhino Linings. While in Tucson, I gained further experience with spray on truck bed liners and became experience in additional applications including concrete floor coatings.
    In 2012, I earned a certification in Concrete Coatings through Rhino Linings and moved back to the Pittburgh area and started my own Rhino business. After 18 months in the Pittsburgh area, my wife Kassie and I moved back to our home town of St. Marys, Pennsylvania and opened Rhino Floorings of St. Marys.

My Father Randy  still meets the needs of truck owners with Rhino Linings and my area of expertise is Rhino Floorings.  The applications for the Rhino products is expanding as my experience expands.  In addition to floors, I have restored concrete stair; bathroom floors, showers and walls;concrete and block foundations; and have even coated statues back to a like new appearance. I get great enjoyment from meeting with a customer and coming up with a solution that meets their needs.
I am very excited to bring the Rhino Flooring products to the Tri-County area and continue to serve the Pittsburgh and Harrisburg areas also. I believe that Rhino Flooring is a high quality product that, when coupled with my experience in coating over 300,000 square feet since the inception of my business, will continue to provide beautiful and quality concrete solutions to my clients.


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